A Day in the Life

I am happy and honored to share with you a piece I wrote for Iris of Hey it's Iris about a day in the life of, well, my life! When Iris reached out about showcasing different bloggers every day lives I was super excited. As a part time blogger I felt it was a great opportunity to tell my story and share what I do in my every day life besides running blue poppy blog. You can read more and the my post on Hey it's Iris here!


Swoon Worthy Summer Kicks

I'm the type of girl who honestly doesn't have that many pairs of shoes. At least I don't think so - not compared to most. I've got two pairs of each basic kind of shoe - sneakers, heels, flats, sandals, and boots. When I do the math that's about ten pairs of shoes. It doesn't seem like a lot to me because I know girls who have twenty, thirty or even forty pairs of shoes or more! However, I see my closet getting fuller in the future because these shoes are so summer worthy they are worth the pretty penny for sure.

Which of these shoes do you see yourself wearing? Any shoe you can't go the summer without? Tell us in the comments! xo