Phoenicia Flea Recap

This past weekend was the first annual Phoenicia flea market in Phoenicia NY, a quaint town with one supermarket, one pancake house, one coffee shop, and other small businesses located in the heart of the Catskills about 20 minutes from Woodstock. I hold a close place in my heart for Phoenicia because as a kid I would travel here frequently with my family to go skiing in the winters and hiking in the summers. 

The Phoenicia Flea was held at Phoenicia's newest accommodations, a stylish motel called The Graham & Co. It was once known as the Cobblestone Motel, a cozy place to stay with rooms mimicking cabins: wood paneling, carpeted floors and all. Since its closing a team of designers from New York City began working on the space, significantly updating the 20-unit motel. Now, with rooms of modern white walls and reclaimed wood, The Graham & Co. brings the NYC aesthetic to an area that is true to its roots. 

The perimeter of the property at The Graham & Co. was lined with white tents that acted as temporary homes to the small businesses, designers, and artists selling their unique speciality goods. We were able to explore each vendor, do a little shopping, and get to know the makers all while enjoying the Catskill mountain scenery that surrounds Phoenicia. Check out the gallery below for an inside look on the flea and all the goodies that we found!

First stop was at PetitFelts - home to needle felted animal finger puppets. To see a children's toy made with such sophistication so perfectly was admirable. The pig sporting a party hat was one of my favorites, but we were told by Jocelyn, the woman who creates these gorgeous play things, that the octopus is the favorite among shoppers. And it clearly is because it was gone by the time we arrived! I had to visit her Etsy shop to see it for myself, and I am so glad I did - you should too!

Escape Brooklyn, the online travel guide for NYC and the surrounding areas had a table set up advertising their site and selling camping supplies, mens clothing, bottle openers and other bits and pieces through The Brew and Compass. Here is where I picked up some balsam fir incense that has my apartment smelling like Christmas in July, and chatted with Erin, one of the founders of Escape Brooklyn, about their website. You can read their review on Phoenicia, NY here and well as check out their other awesome reviews on places to visit. You might feel inspired to take a weekend getaway vacation sooner rather than later!

For me there is nothing better than live art, and watching an artist create something from start to finish is a mesmerizing process. Thorneater, a comic artist, was there in the flesh doing just that, creating portraits of sellers and visitors on the spot! I'm sorry to say I did not have a portrait of myself drawn, but I had a ton of fun checking out the drawings posted by those who had one done by browsing the #phoeniciaflea hashtag on Instagram today. Also sharing a tent with Thorneater was Anna Rexia, an visual artist whose style is truly unique. She was selling stunning handmade horns and flower crowns this weekend, and I caught myself staring at them for longer than I even anticipated (which is a good thing).

I was super excited to discover Hudson Naturals, a new small business that just started up this past year. Christina Silvestris, creator at Hudson Naturals, sells her handmade avocado oil based soaps that help protect against sun damage, reduce wrinkles, and more. On top of these already appealing benefits her soaps smell amazing! Some of my favorites was the rosemary mint and Guinness. Yes, the beer! I purchased the Guinness soap for myself and I am so pleased with it. It smells outrageously good, and my skin felt so good after the first use!

Right about this time was when we needed a pick me up. We drove over an hour, it was hot and humid, and I was getting tired. Luckily Southdown Coffee Roasters was there to provide shoppers with their delicious Honduras Cerro Azul cold brew (awesome!!!!) - Southdown is a small roaster based in Red Hook, Brooklyn, and some good news: they are beginning to expand! They are heading east to open their first storefront location in Huntington, NY out on Long Island in the next several weeks, and I can't wait. Since I head back home to Long Island which is where I grew up for the occasional visit, I'll make sure to stop by Southdown for my coffee fix when I need it most (while traveling).

Last but not least is the newest and definitely the most unique independent business on my radar: Small Room Collective. SRC is a mobile shop selling specifically curated goods from all over the country out of a vintage airstream trailer. Though a mobile shop that tours the U.S. making stops at flea markets and pop-up shops all over, SRC ends their journeys in Austin, TX, where it all started. Art, music, clothing, jewelry, and housewares are just some of the goods they offer. I naturally had my eye on some cute necklaces, a colorful North America print, and the throw pillows carefully placed around the shop. Lauren and Travis, the two behind SRC, were super friendly too, and their pup that accompanies them was lounging away being cute as ever. Make sure to check out their website to see if they are making their way to a town near you. Heads up, Grand Rapids, MI - you're next!

Also having made an appearance at the Phoenicia Flea this year that should not go unnoticed are Rebecca Peacock, Wishbone Letterpress, Coppersea Distillery, Fruition Chocolate, Materia Design, Mavis Studio, and more. All in all the Phoenicia Flea was a major success. Thanks so much to The Graham & Co. for bringing together so many talented artists and makers to wonderful Phoenicia. I will definitely be back before the second annual Phoenicia Flea comes around next year, which I am really looking forward to.

Friday Finds #16

Hope you've all had a fabulous week so far! I'm super excited that it's Friday for a few reasons. I know what you're thinking and it's not because I have the weekend off. I don't! Well, only half. Tomorrow I'm photographing a wedding in Lake George, but I am most excited to get dinner with some family that will be passing through town later on today, and for the First Annual Phoenicia Flea Market down in Phoenicia, NY in the Catskills. I'll be heading there on Sunday to check out all the handcrafted goodies like food, drink, jewelry, accessories, housewares and more. Sounds a lot like the Hudson River Market Exchange from last month, doesn't it? Yes, it does. That is why I just cannot wait!

While I start my morning and wrap up the in studio work week I'm enjoying a great cup of coffee. The only thing to make it better would be this mug, or another one just like it, from Charm & Gumption

Sticking with the coffee topic this Cold Brew Bourbon Cocktail sounds like the perfect beverage for some mid afternoon porch hanging, don't you think?

I am loving InstaThis, a new company that allows you to print your Instagrams right onto wood, metal, or coasters from the web. It's so easy to do with the integrated accounts access that's right online that you can get your photos hanging up at home in no time.

As a wedding photographer I am always searching for inspiration and ideas for while I'm on the job. This image by Jonas Peterson just takes my breath away with such force I had to share. If you enjoy weddings, photography, or both you have got to follow his blog.

Speaking of photographer's one of my favorites, Jim Goldberg, has a wonderful article about him on the New York Times about his newest project, his famous 1985 project 'Rich and Poor', and his passion for a society to exist that is better than the one we live in today.


And for some DIY weekend fun check out these succulents planted in mason chairs, which are then painted in pastels! You can find out how to make these here or you can go beyond and design your own from scratch with neon paints, geometric patterns, chalkboard paints - whatever you want!

Hope you all enjoy the weather and have a wonderful weekend! xo

Favorite Hair Products

I don't know about your hair but mine does nothing when I want it to and something when I don't want it to. I've struggled with thin, straight hair that I couldn't figure out what to do what with pretty much with all my life. I envied the girls in high school with the curly ringlets. I hated being a brunette. I wanted my hair to be shiny and blonde. But they say the grass isn't always greener on the other side. I went from thinking crimped hair looked good, to flat-ironing my hair until it was pin straight (you'd laugh at my high school yearbook photo!!), to getting a way too short for my liking hair cut, and back again. Now I've finally embraced my hair the way it is naturally, as everyone should! Through trial and error I've found what works! 

There are a few hair products I use either daily or on an every other day basis. I've found that for my thin, naturally straight hair these products are so far the best I've yet to discover. 

Dr. Bronner's Magic Castile Liquid Soap is my favorite shampoo and body wash when I shower. This product is not tested on animals, made with fair trade ingredients from around the world, and comes in yummy scents like Rose and Citrus Orange. Dr. Bronner's cleans my hair while giving me something to work with after I shower - it doesn't give you that feeling of stripped hair like other shampoos. Plus with all natural ingredients it's better for you!

It's a 10 Miracle Leave-in product is fabulous for when I don't condition in the shower (when I do I use healthy sexy hair soy milk conditioner!) because it detangles, adds shine and repairs damaged hair. Those are just 3 of the 10 advantages of this product. Get it, it's a 10? It's also got over 1,400 reviews on Amazon with almost a full 5 star rating. Now that's something to trust, and I totally do. I love this product and use it constantly!

In addition to using my It's a 10 Miracle Leave-in I use this Casual Sea Salt Texturising Spray by TONI&GUY. It's a versatile product - I've used it at the beach after swimming in the ocean to give my hair some bounce, and also after showering at home. It truly adds texture and body to my thin hair. Whenever I touch up my hair with a flatiron or add curls to my hairstyle this spray helps to maintain and keep my hair feeling gorgeous and full of life.

Have you used any of these products before? What do you find works best for your daily styling routine?