Shop Etsy Sunday: Sonadora

For this week's Shop Etsy Sunday feature we have Sonadora, a shop that offers home decor wall hangings. Each piece is handmade in Nashville, Tennessee by designer and maker Lisa Garcia. She uses both vintage and found materials such as driftwood, wool, and various types of fibers to make each hanging that is carefully curated for your 'sacred space.' 

Each wall hanging uses a blend of materials that come together beautifully and evoke serenity and peace. Though Garcia has a limited amount of items in her shop, each one is made with care and is of outstanding quality. Whether it's displayed in your sacred space, or somewhere else in the home, guests will be sure to notice it, admire it, and talk about it. 

All of the items available in the Sonadora shop can be found here on Etsy and you can like their Facebook page for coupons and sale updates. 

Friday Finds #11

It's a gorgeous day outside here in the Northeast, so after you read this post why not go out and find a place to day hike near you? Local Hikes can help make that happen.

Currently listening to Nocturnal by artist Yuna - her voice is enchanting and the album is perfect Spring time music for those warm sunny days.

This dish I made for dinner the other evening is delicious, and might be one of my last sweet potato hurrahs as we transition into summer time and lighter fare: African Sweet Potato Stew with Red Beans.


This globe is perfect.

Michael Pollan, known for his writings about nature, culture, and the environment, shares some of his favorite rules on eating. 

Introducing a new tumblr blog dedicated to the #gramablebarn hashtag on Instagram. Check out the blog gramablebarn to learn more as well as how to get your photo published.

Dee Williams is a woman who understands that material items are not necessary in order to be happy. In fact, she's taken it farther than that by downsizing her home, by a lot. Great eye-opening read you need to check out.

Flower Glossary is an online catalog from Design*Sponge for all of your floral needs.

If you have little ones, or are just a big kid at heart, these Krispy Easter Eggs by The Pioneer Woman is a great way to spend time together and make tasty egg treats that everyone can enjoy this Easter Sunday.

Happy Hour: The Presbyterian

We all love a good drink, and a drink that Al and I stumbled across a few days ago is a whiskey and ginger ale combination that doesn't disappoint. As a young couple in our early twenties every time we are out at a bar it's usually late at night, loud, crowded, and full of impatient people waiting for the bartender to get them a drink. The pressure is on to order something, and fast! Usually it's a vodka and soda, rum and coke, or whiskey and ginger ale. We love these concoctions but when we find ourselves at home making dinner and want a cocktail, we want something a little more adventurous, and something that takes a little more time and care to make. Alas, we discovered The Presbyterian - it's still pretty simple as far as the spectrum of cocktails go, but we love it.

  • 2 oz. bourbon or whiskey (we used Knob Creek)
  • 1 oz. club soda
  • 1 oz. ginger ale
  • lemon twist, for garnish

Serve in a rocks glass over ice. Enjoy!

Shop Etsy Sunday: Formulary 55

Formulary 55 is a Seattle based bath and body shop that makes high quality soaps, candles, lotions, and other pampering products in small batches by hand. Owner/maker/curator Cordelia J. Smith is the one behind it all at Formulary 55 and she has been doing it since 1993. From starting out selling at local farmers markets and just over twenty years under her belt, Smith recently expanded her business, moved into a store front location, and has been outsourcing her products to be sold in other shops such as Anthropologie, which is one of my favorites.

Smith creates products for men and women, along with a selection of vegan-friendly products. Here are some of my favorites!

Peppermint Rosemary Vegan Shea Butter Lip Balm

Everything from the quality of the products themselves right down to the package designs are done well - very well. I would love to give all of these items a try, especially the foot soak which is something I normally don't ever have or use. To my surprise I also discovered the option to purchase a monthly subscription for those indecisive buyers out there. With this deal recipients will get one product a month for a full year for just $72. It's called the Spa Gift Subscription and includes soaps, balms, foot soaks, and more. The contact form to reach me is down and to the right on the blog if anyone needs my address - kidding! But really, how sweet would it be to get a Formulary 55 delivered to your doorstep every month?

Check out Formulary 55 on Etsy and like them on Facebook, just don't forget to like us too!